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This page contains Ancient Native American Indian "knapped" flint and chert tools such as Knife Blades, Hide Scrapers and Drills to name a few

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
RPFT11 A very nice mottled light blue and gray-blue flint Kinney Knife blade which Recovered from the 650.00
  is well flaked on both faces with percussion flaking patterns leading to the  Pedernales River, Texas  
  vertical centerline of the blade and with slight vertical steps remaining from    
  the knapping process. It shows good secondary pressure flaking to the    
  edges with basal thinning. Just a superior piece which dates between the    
  Archaic to Woodland periods between 2000 and 5000 years old. Ex: Greg Perino  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
CHFT13 A very sturdy mottled gray and brown petrified wood Archaic Knife Found in Polk Co., TX 150.00
  blade which strongly resembles the Okanogan Knife form from other (Offered by original finder)  
  western states in the Far Western regions. Made on a good-sized,    
  reasonably thick sliver of petrified wood, it has thorough pressure flaking    
  patterns along all of it's cutting edges and has a smoothed flat base. It     
  was most likely a handheld knife and, by artifact association, dates to the    
  Archaic through Woodland periods, between 1,000 and 3,200 years old.    

Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Covington Knife Blade Provenance: Price
RPFT17 A very good-sized, First Stage blue and tan Found by Greg Perino at the 350.00
  flint Blade form in excellent condition. A great Will Rogers State Park Site in  
  centerpiece for any collection. Rogers Co., OK  
  Period/Age: Archaic - 3000-4000 B.P. Ex: Greg Perino  
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Kinney Knife Provenance: Price
RPFT18 A very good-sized First Stage mottled blue Recovered from 450.00
  flint blade form having nice frosty patina Bastrop Co., TX  
    Ex: Patterson Collection  
  Period/Age: Archaic-Woodland - 2000-5000 B.P. Ex: Greg Perino  
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Dawes Island Scraper (Classified by Greg Perino) Provenance: Price
RPFT19 A quite thick and meaty cream and tan colored chert scraper Recovered from 150.00
  which was salvaged from a re-worked, large dart point. South Carolina  
  Published in Perino Vol. 1, pg. 48    
    Ex: Greg Perino  
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Petrified Wood Knife Blade Provenance: Price
RPFT20 A fairly large, sturdy and somewhat crude petrified wood Recovered from the 150.00
  blade form owing it's rustic appearance to the nature of the Arkansas River in  
  host material, which doesn't really flake very well. A nicely Osage Co., OK  
  weathered piece.    
  Period/Age: Paleo, est. 11,000 B.P. Ex: Greg Perino  
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Needle-tipped Refugio Knife Blade Provenance: Price
RPFT22 A very thin, highly attractive cream-colored, tan and light Recovered from 165.00
  brown agatized wood knife form, very well made for the S. Texas  
  difficulty in working this type of host stone material.    
  Period/Age: Archaic - 2000-4000 B.P. Ex: Greg Perino  
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Archaic Flake Knife Blade Provenance: Price
RPFT23 A very interesting, very old orange and gray patinated chert Recovered from the 250.00
  Flake knife form. These were most common from the Paleo Kaskaskia River in  
  through Archaic periods and this one displays HEAVY tannic Randolph Co., IL  
  acid staining from prolonged submersion in the river where it    
  was found. A very unusual and unique ancient tool.    
  Period/Age: Paleo/Archaic - Est. at least 9,000 years old Ex: Greg Perino  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
RPFT12 A very attractive tan flint Crescent Knife form which is well flaked Recovered from 300.00
  on both faces with good secondary pressure flaking edgework, Bastrop Co., TX  
  created by a (barely) intermediate knapper. This one dates from Ex: Patterson  
  the Paleo to Archaic periods between 8000 and 10,200 years old. Ex: Greg Perino  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
RPFT13 A dull tan chert hafted knife blade "recycled" from a Marcos point, and Recovered from 85.00
  having a small diagonal light brown flat section in the middle of side A from Uvalde, TX  
  the host stone's outer cortex. Flaking is thorough on both faces but by a    
  somewhat inexperienced knapper. It shows ancient usage wear to the tip     
  and a more recent nick to the tip of the single remaining barb. It dates back    
  to the Archaic to Woodland periods, between 1800 and 3500 years old. Ex: Greg Perino  
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Kinney Knife Provenance: Price
RPFT26 A very good-sized, well made mottled blue flint knife form which Recovered from 225.00
  appears to have had about 3 ancient re-sharpenings to keep it Comfort, TX  
  functional. Flaking patterns are thorough on both faces, although    
  side B retains a few of the 1st stage percussion flake patterns.    
  Period/Age: Archaic-Woodland - 2,000-5,000 B.P. Ex: Greg Perino  
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Mescal Knife Blade Provenance: Price
RPFT29 A reasonably large, for tool type, vertically Recovered from the  95.00
  banded gray chert knife form showing good Mexican side of the Rio  
  flaking patterns on both faces. Grande River in Mexico  
    Ex: Greg Perino  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
VAFT1 A very interesting, completely intact multi-colored lavender, white, tan and  Offered by original 150.00
  yellow chalcedony/agate side scraper/flake knife blade combination tool. It finder’s family members,  
  is uni-faced with crude, cursory flaking to it's surface but has very intricate found in Crook Co., OR  
  and detailed secondary pressure flaking patterns to it's cutting/scraping    
  edges. A superior and larger than most example of this ancient tool    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
VAFT2 A fairly long, slightly crude Archaic stemmed Knife Blade made from Offered by original 120.00
  a colorful light blue, brown and gray combination chalcedony-jasper finder’s family members,  
  host material. Flaking patterns are very cursory and crude on both found in Crook Co., OR  
  faces with better, more detailed pressure flaking patterns appearing    
  along it's cutting edges. It has an asymmetrical form caused by    
  ancient resharpenings. Definitely a well used knife blade.    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
VAFT3 A snow-white chalcedony-chert Archaic Cascade Knife blade Offered by original 75.00
  which shows amateurish flaking patterns mostly around it's edges. finder’s family members,  
  This beauty must have been HUGE in it's earlier incarnations, and found in Crook Co., OR  
  was anciently resharpened down to the point of exhaustion as    
  evidenced by the very obvious hafting line shown in photos 1 and    
  4. The surfaces on both side A and side B are mostly flat in the    
  center from the form of the original host stone. Slightly crude, but    
  still an excellent study in ancient tool manufacture and use.   dlfw

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
VAFT4 A quite interesting and crude Archaic Cascade brown jasper Offered by original 35.00
  Knife blade, obviously made by a very junior, inexperienced finder’s family members,  
  knapper who was probably just learning the art of flint knapping. found in Crook Co., OR  
  It has flaking patterns on both faces and shows traits of repeated    
  use and ancient resharpening over time. An interesting tool.    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
VAFW2 A nice, broad black obsidian Archaic bi-pointed Cascade Trade Blank which  Offered by original  200.00
  was obviously used as a Knife blade in it's present form. It retains much of the finder’s family members,  
  cursory direct percussion trimming-flaking patterns on both surfaces with found in Harney Co., OR  
  intricate secondary pressure flaking patterns along selected sections of it's    
  cutting edges. A most interesting example of a "tool in transition".   dlfw

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
VAFW11 A fairly thin (for material) medium gray fine-grained basalt Cascade Offered by original 130.00
  Knife blade, well worked on both faces with the exception of a 25% finder, found in  
  vertical flat section on side B (photos 3 & 5) left over from the original Crook Co., OR  
  host stone's cortex. Basalt is near impossible to work very well, but    
  the ancient knapper did a pretty good job with this one. It's a bit on    
  the rustic side, but is still a valid truly well used ancient artifact.   dlfw

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
LSFT10 An attractive mottled red chert "winged"  Otero Co., NM 40.00
  Drill, which is missing the wings. These    
  were probably anciently sheared off    
  from the tork motion of the drill    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
LSFT12 An off-white quartzite "Harahay Otero Co., NM 60.00
  style" Archaic knife    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
LSFT16 A very nice, well formed and Otero Co., NM 75.00
  well worked pinkish-red chert    
  Winged Drill in Great condition    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
CHFT1 A quite thick and sturdy dark brown, vertically banded agatized  Offered by the original 150.00
  wood Covington Knife blade having a single spoke shave worked finder(s) who recovered  
  into one cutting edge. It's well flaked on both faces although the this one from their own  
  flaking patterns are somewhat subdued owing to the nature of the property in Polk Co., TX  
  host stone material. It retains a vertical outer cortex section in the    
  center of side B, and is just quite a fascinating very ancient tool.   dlar1

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
CHFT2 A most interesting mottled light brown, tan and deep red petrified Offered by the original 30.00
  wood Awl having an anciently sheared tip. It's somewhat crude, finder(s) who recovered  
  as most awls are due to the "only the necessary" attitude of the this one from their own  
  ancients. (Woodland period, 1000 B.P.) property in Polk Co., TX  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
CHFT3 A very small, slender and delicate mottled light brown and red Offered by the original 25.00
  petrified wood Paddle Drill from the Woodland period, around finder(s) who recovered  
  1,000 years old. It's nicely made but missing half of it's base, this one from their own  
  which was nicked off in ancient times property in Polk Co., TX  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
TRBFT1 A semi-translucent mottled off-white and brown agate Cascade   Recovered from 12.00
  Flake Knife blade. Side A is minimally worked around it's cutting Washoe Co., NV  
  edge while side B is mostly flat from the original flake's form with    
  slight pressure flaking mostly to one cutting edge.    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
CHFT4 A very thin light gray and tan chert Awl having a spider Offered by the original 15.00
  bite to it's tip. (Woodland period, 500 - 1000 B.P.) finder(s) who recovered  
    this one from their own  
    property in Polk Co., TX  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
RPFT6 A very attractive mottled dark gray and brown petrified wood flat-based  Recovered from 175.00
  Archaic Knife blade which is very well flaked to a median ridge on side A and Lake Livingston,  
  retains a better portion of the outer petrified wood's cortex vertically up the  Texas  
  center on side B, as well as on one side of the base on side A. Pressure flaking    
  along all edges is very intricate and well done. Quite an exceptional blade. Ex: Perino  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
RPFT8 A most interesting, thick, sturdy and well formed, well  Recovered below Eufala  125.00
  worked, very light yellow and gray chalcedony Dalton-era Lake Dam on the Canadian  
  Adze. It shows substantial river polish with a nice glossy River in Oklahoma  
  surface. Tools of this type, from this era are very scarce! Ex: Perino  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
TBMFT1 A fairly crude, fast & dirty Found in 15.00
  light tan quartzite end Scraper Delta, CO  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
TBMFT2 An interesting, if not somewhat crude Found in 20.00
  bi-facially worked mottled brown and Delta, CO  
  gray petrified wood Scraper/Knife blade    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
TBMFT3 A medium-sized mottled gray, Found in 15.00
  brown and off-white banded flint Delta, CO  
  Stemmed Scraper. (nice coloration)    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
TBMFT4 A fairly small and attractive bi-facially Found in 24.00
  worked white, dark brown and rose Delta, CO  
  colored agate hafted/stemmed Scraper    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
TBMFT8 A very light tan quartzite side Scraper Found in 20.00
  /Knife blade, bi-facially worked, but a Delta, CO  
  little bit on the crude side    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
TBMFT9 A bit of a non-descript black quartzite Knife Found in 20.00
  blade which is quite thin and flaked on both  Delta, CO  
  faces, although the flaking patterns are slightly    
  subdued owing to the nature of the host stone.    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
TBMFT10 A burgundy and darker orange Crescent shaped  Found in 10.00
  Scraper which is mostly worked on side A, with Delta, CO  
  slight, cursory flaking on side B along the    
  convex edge. Somewhat on the crude side.    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
TBMFT11 A grayish off-white chert hafted Scraper having Recovered in 15.00
  black tannic staining on one face. It's mostly uni- Delta, CO  
  facially worked and is a bit on the crude side    
  with a circular glue residue spot in the center of    
  side B leftover from mounting in a showcase.    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
JAFT1 A fairly thick and sturdy opalescent, fully translucent obsidian Atlatl Valley Recovered from 140.00
  Triangular Hafted Knife blade from the Early Archaic period, between Lake Co., OR 10/28 ON-HOLD tmp
  2500 and 7000 years old. It's very well flaked on both faces mostly by    
  wide indirect percussion. It has minor usage wear to the edges but is    
  essentially a problem-free piece. It displays very interesting hafting    
  preparation to the base, with side B having the only direct percussion flake    
  apparent, which ends at a slight step to act as a hafting stop, and side A has    
  very similar traits except that the hafting channel flakes were created through    
  indirect percussion rather than by direct percussion. A nice, worthy piece. Ex: Davidson  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
RPFT1 A fairly small (for type) well worked down white, purple Recovered in 600.00
  and reddish quartzite Corner Tang Knife blade, it has a Western Oklahoma  
  slight 3/8" lateral usage cut from the primary cutting edge    
  (photos 8 & 12) and an overall "well used" appearance.    
  Quite scarce and attractive piece. Ex: Greg Perino  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
JCFT38 A snow-white chalcedony Plateau Pentagonal hafted Knife  Churchill Co., NV 175.00
  blade having nice frosty desert patina. An exceptional piece    
  intact as the day it was made and used in ancient times.    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
RPFT2 A very thin (for size) large and broad white chert Mescal Recovered in 300.00
  Knife blade having some blue veining. It's well formed by SW Texas  
  percussion flaking and has secondary pressure flaking     
  patterns to all edges. Both cutting edges exhibit good usage    
  wear patterns. It also has crystal inclusions (photos 6 & 7) Ex: Greg Perino  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
RPFT3 An outstanding very light gray chert Lerma Pointed Base BIG game Found on the Arkansas River in 1400.00
  hand-held butchering knife blade which is very thin for it's size. Just an Oklahoma by B. McClemore  
  outstanding piece which is well formed with thorough percussion flaking    
  patterns on both faces and having nice secondary pressure flaking     
  mostly in a left-handed beveling fashion. It has 2 old (not recent, but not    
  from ancient usage at the time of manufacture) nicks to one blade edge    
  near the tip. (photos 5 & 8) Still a beautiful MONSTER blade worthy    
  of centerpiece display in any worthy collection. Ex: Greg Perino Collection dlrpbb1

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
JCFT41 A very thin off-white, light blue and tan Pershing Co., NV 150.00
  chert Tear Drop Preform which was    
  used as a knife blade in the interim    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
FT47 A very nice mahogany colored jasper Provenance unknown, 200.00
  Adena narrow stemmed socketed possibly Tennessee  125.00
  dagger blade which was probably    
  "press-fit" into an antler sleeve handle    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
FT68 An outstanding bright red river polished coastal plains Recovered from the  250.00
  chert duo-purpose butchering knife shaped like a sharks Suwannee River near 100.00
  tooth. A VERY RARE form ! (unfortunately missing the Dive Oat, FL  
  tips of both tangs, shown in photos 5 through 8) Perino COA  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
MBFT81 A VERY stunning and extremely long gray and blue Recovered in 450.00
  hornstone Dovetail Drill having very thorough and Nelson Co., KY  
  detailed flaking patterns to a median ridge on both      
  faces. It has a small ancient nick to one edge of the    
  base (left side photo 1 and bottom of photo 7) and    
  good basal grinding. Just an exceptional example    
  for this type of tool and very rare for the size alone, Ex: Coffman  
  not to mention the excellent craftsmanship Jackson COA  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DIFT11 Yikes!... now here's a dangerous looking hombre. A very   Recovered in 300.00
  beautiful brown and tan flint hafted Ensor Knife blade, thoroughly Hays Co., TX  
  flaked on both faces but having 2 vertical ledges on side B (photo    
  5) and a small nipple in the center of side A. (photo 4) It shows    
  nice basal thinning and is just an attractive and sturdy blade. Rogers COA  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DIFT9 A very interesting, well-made dark brownish- Found in Stuart Co., TN 175.00
  gray combination Awl-Knife blade made from a     
  worked-down stemmed point. It's well flaked on    
  both faces with most attractive and intricate    
  secondary pressure flaking to it's cutting edges. Ex: Gary Hale  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DIFT18 A very attractive, very long brown, blue and gray   Found in 250.00
  Fort Payne chert Pencil Drill. Expertly flaked to a Fishimingo, MO  
  median ridge on both faces, I'm simply amazed to    
  see delicate artifacts like this one having survived    
  intact through the ages. A really superior piece. Ex: Al Kennedy  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DFFT5 A nice medium sized black dacite Archaic    Recovered from 150.00
  Knife blade. It has a 25% flat spot on side B, French Glen, OR  
  vertically up the center from the base, during the 1950's  
  remaining from the original host stone's rind.    
  The tip on side A resembles an impact fracture    
  with "steps" from ancient re-working. (photo 5) Stermer COA  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DFFT6 An olive green, dark gray and off-white chert  Recovered near 125.00
  Haskett blade which is missing it's base. It appears Harney Lake, Oregon 95.00
  to have been formed totally by percussion flaking in April 1963  
  and the patterns are thorough on both faces.

Stermer COA


Item: Type: Provenance: Price
BYFT1 A VERY nicely made and meaty Cascade Hafted Knife Offered by the original finder 130.00
  blade. It's quite meaty and is well flaked on both faces  who found this one on his  
  with many ancient re-sharpenings to it's cutting edges. It ranch in Harney Co., OR  
  has one small 1/8" recent conical nick on one edge just  (details to buyer)  
  above the hafting line (9 o'clock position in photo 5) but    
  is still an outstanding piece!    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
TCHFT1 A fairly large opaque black obsidian Cascade Trade Recovered in 325.00
  Blank which, judging by the secondary pressure SW Oregon  
  flaking to the cutting edges, was used as a butchering    
  blade. This one's a very meaty piece which would    
  display well as a collection's centerpiece    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
MHFT1493 A pretty large dull gray Edwards chert Base Found in Bell Co., TX 45.00
  Tang Knife which has quite rustic edges    
  from ancient use. Ex: Warren Bluntzer Perino COA  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
MBFT93 A very long and slender tan and burgundy Livingston Co., KY 250.00
  jasper corner notched Knife blade having    
  good, thorough flaking to both faces and    
  the typical slight usage wear marks    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
JCFT37 A very nice and sturdy semi-translucent light brown and  Pershing Co., NV 125.00
  white agate Plateau Pentagonal Knife blade, well flaked    
  on both faces by an intermediate knapper. The tip was    
  broken and glued in recent times, priced accordingly.    

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