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Pacific Northwest and Alaska page 2   Page 1

This page contains arrowheads, bone tools and other artifacts from the Pacific Northwest and Alaska


Item: Type: Provenance: Price
RPPN1 A pair of fairly large damaged Recovered from 45.00
  ground slate Ulu and Knife blades Kodiak Island, Alaska  
    Ex: Perino  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
RPPN2 A simple double-notched Recovered from 22.00
  creek pebble net weight Kodiak Island, Alaska  
    Ex: Perino  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
RPPN3 A somewhat rustic knapped and Recovered from 40.00
  polished green stone Adze bit Kodiak Island, Alaska  
    Ex: Perino  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
RPPN4 An interesting study lot of 4 damaged Recovered from 50.00
  ground slate tool/knife blade partials Kodiak Island, Alaska  
    Ex: Perino  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DHPN72 A nicely worked Recovered in 75.00
  petrified ivory Awl Kotlik, Alaska 50.00

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DHPN76 A very old petrified tusk compound Recovered in 35.00
  arrow section. It's quite rustic and Kotlik, Alaska  
  displays a substantial age    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DHPN80 A fairly long, very rustic fossilized bone Recovered in 30.00
  knife handle having 2 slots for worked Kotlik, Alaska  
  stone blades, one side mounted and    
  one drilled for the end. Evidently made    
  for the BIG butchering jobs    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DHPN99 A nice highly polished Recovered in 65.00
  fossilized ivory bone arrow Kotlik, Alaska 45.00
  which is completely intact    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DHPN4 A very long fossilized-bone  From Kotzebue Sound, AK 120.00
  dagger in excellent condition and   100.00
  having a single drilled hole in the    
  base for a suspension strap    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DHPN32 A very nice polished fossilized-tusk   From Kotzebue Sound, AK 110.00
Bone Arrow having a single, shallow 75.00
barb and a pointed base, in excellent

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DHPN34 A very nice fossilized-tusk Bone  From Kotzebue Sound, AK 40.00
Arrow having a single barb, 3 score  
marks at the base and a small old
chip off the tip and the tip of the
base. Still in pretty good shape

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DHPN41 A VERY old fossilized-tusk From Kotzebue Sound, AK 15.00
socketed Bird Arrow-blunt which,
judging by the roughness of the tip, 
had seen action on many occasions

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DHPN42 A somewhat crude (from use) large  From Kotzebue Sound, AK 15.00
bone Bird Arrow-blunt having hafting
scores to one side of the stem

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DHPN52 A very old fossilized-tusk curved From Kotzebue Sound, AK 75.00
side-cutting knife handle having 5 50.00
drilled holes for lashings, incised
lines on 1 face and a slot for
holding a stone or metal blade

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DHPN53 A very old fossilized-tusk hafted From Kotzebue Sound, AK 50.00
Lance head (Spear point) having 
one face which was damaged long
ago and what appears to be a
more recent nick to the tip

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DHPN60 A very old fossilized-tusk  From Kotzebue Sound, AK SOLD
Lance head (Spear tip) having  
an old usage nick to the tip as
well as to the stem

End of Pacific Northwest page 2

Count 16


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