6 Amazing Underwater Ruins and Surely You Will Be Amazed


There are various reasons why civilization cannot survive on earth. Starting from an outbreak of disease, an attack by other cultures, or also because of natural disasters that occur in the city.

Some civilizations are lost because of sinking by the ocean. Hundreds of thousands of years later, then this civilization was rediscovered and left behind the amazing ruins of buildings under the sea. Here are some of the fantastic remains that have been found.

Mulifanua, Samoa

Dredging a basin in Samoa opens ruins that are thought to be from 3,000 BC. A total of 4,288 pottery fragments have been discovered since 1973 from ancient Lapita culture.

The ancient culture of Lapita is believed to be the parent branch of people who now occupy Micronesia and Polynesia. The village found in the Mulifanua bay shows a more advanced Lapita civilization because only in this place were found decorated pottery fragments. The rest of the civilizations found here are also the oldest.

Mahabalipuram, India

The famous Mahabalipuram Temple is always covered with stories of legends and fables. According to legend, there was a beautiful and amazing temple fruit that caused jealousy from the gods. The jealous gods then sent a huge flood that drowned all but one, the Shore temple.

These temples were rediscovered in 2002 and are thought to have sunk in the last ice age. Thus, the estimated age of this temple reaches more than 5,000 years.

Rungholt, Denmark

Rungholt is an island city with a reputation for having extraordinary wealth. In 1362, a storm destroyed the island and separated it and sank the city and destroyed all the wealth there.

This disaster sank the city with a death toll of 25 thousand people. For the next 700 years, divers find relics from Rungholt on the seabed. But the town itself was never rediscovered.

Baiae, Italy

Baiae was a port and home to the Roman imperial fleet. This city is home to super-rich people with luxury resorts. But at the same time, the city is also affected by the moral decline of its residents who are hedonistic, often involved in scandals, and corruption.

Baiae was invaded by Muslim armies in the 8th century but was later abandoned in 1500 due to a malaria outbreak. Furthermore, the volcanic activity that has submerged the city to the bottom of the sea. Most of the Baiae region is now at the bottom of the bay of Naples.

Port Royal, Jamaica

This place is named as the worst city on earth because it is home to pirates and prostitutes. The city was discovered in 1518 and is a port city famous for its crimes and a popular residence for British and Dutch seamen until finally, the government relinquished their rights to confiscate Spanish boats.

These sailors later became pirates, and this port city became a gathering place for pirates from far away. The town was destroyed and sunk partly due to the earthquake and tsunami in 1692. This disaster believed to be a punishment from God drowned not only in the city but also killed at least 2,000 people. Excavations found historical documents, various buildings, and preserved foods.

Yonaguni, Japan

On the south coast of Yonaguni, Japan, underwater ruins are found that are thought to have originated from 10,000 years ago. The origin of these ruins is still being debated. Many experts say that these ruins are the work of human hands, but some more conservative scientists say that these ruins are the result of natural phenomena.

These ruins are in the form of large, terraced rocks that seemed to be made on the side of a mountain. Several other more serious attempts to collect data and map the structure found several other surprising discoveries. One of them is a large gate made of rocks that are attached with the right angle, carvings that look like stairs, streets, crossings, and large stairs that lead to the center of the city.