The Oldest Artifacts Ever Found by Archaeologists


Artifacts are among the proofs of the progress of prehistoric times, and this business created archaeologists struggling to pursue artifacts that might be buried deep in the ground.

Until now, there have been not a few artifacts that have been successfully discovered by all archaeologists. Thanks to their services, I and you can know how civilization was in ancient times.

Of the many successful artifacts found, there are a number of those who have the oldest age, one of the other artifacts, for example, like the five artifacts below.

Carvings in the form of a human body – 40 thousand years

There are many caves in South Jeman which have the name the Swabian Jura which was once inhabited by ancient humans of the type Homo sapiens. In this cave, not a few found stone tools proof of their progress.

However, what’s interesting is the discovery of wood carvings in the form of a human body. It is estimated that if the age of sculpture has reached 40 thousand years. But unfortunately, all archaeologists do not know the benefits of these artifacts.

Lomekwi stone tools – 3.3 million years

Lomekwi stone tools are one of the artifacts that are more than 3 million years old. This stone itself was discovered in 2015 in Kenya by teams from the Turkana Basin Institute.

Lomekwi itself is known as a tool used to shave and hit. Ancient humans use Lomekwi before the homo species. Even Lomekwi stones are older than the oldest homo-type people in the world. However, until now, it was not known what kind of person had succeeded in creating this tool stone.

Gobekli Tepe – 11 thousand years

The Gobekli Tepe site was discovered in Turkey in 2008. The site itself is in the form of a large carved stone, unique to Gobekli Tepe created in human times not yet understood metal equipment.

There are various carvings like scorpions, lions, foxes, and birds. While the stone height reaches 16 feet and is circular. Gobekli Tepe was discovered by German archaeologists Klaus Schmidt.

Stone tools in America – 15,500 years

A team of archaeologists from Texas A & M University led by Michael R. Waters pursued stone tools that were used by ancient humans. They believe that these ancient humans migrated from Siberia to America.

Based on information from Dr. Waters, this stone tool is the oldest artifact found in North America with an age of around 15,500 years. This artifact itself was discovered in 2011.

Pesse boat – 10 thousand years

The Pesse boat was discovered in the Netherlands in 1955. Even this boat created from wood cut down using an ax is also the oldest boat that all archaeologists have found.

Uniquely this boat successfully floated on the water. Currently, the Pesse boat has been replicated and is on display at the museum.

Those are the five oldest artifacts in the world that have been successfully discovered by all archaeologists. Which artifacts are there, which do you think are unique? Oh yeah, we can also discuss more unique and interesting things, where you can understand the life hidden in the jungles of Bangladesh.