This Ancient Mexican Artifact Proves There is Contact Between Humans and Aliens


Mexico is a country that is often felt like a very civilized civilization that once existed. Many believe, Mexico has a relationship with space objects. Ancient civilizations that have existed for thousands of years have left hundreds of relics and artifacts, some of which are unknown from where.

Some people wonder how the Maya and Aztecs can create amazing objects. Do they get help from extraterrestrial beings?

Here are 7 findings of ancient Mexican artifacts which prove that humans once had contact with aliens:

Pacal Rocket

King Pacal’s sarcophagus proved to be a very controversial discovery ever made. Some people believe that this is a description of King Pacal on the way to the underground world, but some insist this is a space shuttle controlled by King Pacal. This discovery reminds you of the modern system of exile.

Ancient Airplane

Civilizations before the Americas were found to have left some of the most mysterious knick-knacks. If ‘plane’ trinkets are found at this time, maybe it doesn’t mean anything. But what if thousands of years ago, when the idea of ​​flying was something that only God could do?

Quetzalcoatl Tool

Based on information from Popol Vuh, a kind of Mesocameric Bible, Quetzalcoatl has a surprising tool that makes it possible to do unexpected things. He found the device from Tulas (also known as Olmecs) which was then used for mining activities in the Andes.

Alien Statue

The Mexican government has also released the most impressive ancient artifacts. These ancient artifacts had become elements of a controversial documentary launched in 2012, engraving on the statue reminiscent of outer space planes and alien statues.

Ancient Astronauts

For those who believe that ancient progress has contact with extraterrestrial beings, they will witness evidence everywhere. In this old object, you will see an astronaut who uses a helmet with a tube connected to his clothes.

Landing Site at Teotihuacan

The ancient city of Teotihuacan has existed since 100 BC and does not hold a bit of its mystery. Scientists and historians up to now cannot explain what flat locations are used for.

Maya Artifacts

In 2012, the Mexican Government released as many ancient Mayan artifacts that were kept secret for almost 80 years. This ancient artifact is present under the pyramid at Calakmul and reflects space and flying vehicles. Seen in artifacts, you can see astronauts controlling aircraft and an asteroid or comet pointing to the earth.