These are 5 Recommended Treasure Search Adventure Movie

Artifacts Hunt Entertainment Movie

A treasure is a valuable item that is found but whose origins are unknown. The film, which takes the theme of the adventure of searching for artifacts or treasures, became the main attraction among the audience. In addition to searching for treasure, you will also be presented with the excitement of the storyline.

This time we will discuss the most exciting and fresh treasure adventure films of all time.


1. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

The film was released in 1981, telling about the hunt for artifacts. In it tells the story of an archeologist named Indiana Jones, he was very fond of searching for ancient objects in remote places.

In his adventures, Indiana Jones always encounters problems. Where the challenge he faces is the work of one of his opponents, who is also looking for these ancient objects. The element of adventure is very highlighted in this film, indeed very interesting for you to watch. Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom received a rating of 7.6.


2. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

The film was released in 2003 tells about Jack, who is famously sloppy, but always gets good luck in every adventure.

The film stars Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, who is the main character. The film is presented with fresh humor to Jack’s behavior. Besides, in it, you will see a very cooling visual effect.

That said, this film was very successful in terms of box office income. The film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl received a rating of 8.0.


3. Into The Blue

This film, released in 2005, tells about divers who have dreams of finding treasure.

Paul Walker, who plays Jared Cole, works as a diver in the Bahamas. Jared has a dream of finding treasures stored on the seabed. In his search, Jared accidentally discovered an ancient artifact on a French pirate ship. However, at the same time, Jared also found a plane in which there was cocaine.

This film has thriller and action elements that are very stressful and will boost your adrenaline when watching it. The movie Into The Blue received a rating of 5.9.


4. Fool’s Gold

The film was released in 2008 about a Finn Finnegan who was looking for a coral ship. He believed that in the reef ship, there would be a lot of gold and diamonds.

In the process of searching, Finn Finnegan suffered a lot of bad luck. And this is what makes the storyline in this film full of humor. However, he are not the only one who wants the treasure. Former mentor Finn Finnegan who is also a gangster intends to find the cache at the first.

This film presents an adventure full of humor. So you will not be bored with the story in it. The Fool’s Gold film received a rating of 5.7.


5. Tomb Raider

The film was released in 2018 about a woman named Lara Croft from a wealthy family. She has a desire to search for treasures and ancient artifacts from various parts of the world.

This film will be familiar to game lovers because it displays an extraordinary adventure. And can be said to be very similar to what is shown in video games. Tomb Raider film received a rating of 6.4.

So these are the most exciting treasure search adventure movie, right? Whether it is not real, you still can hunt many treasure box by playing poker games in ceme online gambling. Don’t miss the excitement of the casino game. Enjoy playing!